Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this product suitable for international dressage riders? Absolutely! Serious competitors often differentiate their scores from their competition by a fraction of a point. This type of tool can make the difference for you in allowing you a visual display of your different options and focus that just might be the key to getting those points your missing. "I already do this" you say....the majority of riders focus on what is obvious....this tool points out what might NOT be obvious. This tool quickly serves up your video, scores and comments for your review, this tool makes analysis EASY FOR YOU!


2. Is this product suitable for very green amateurs just beginning to show? Absolutely! This allows you to track your progress and create a safe deposit to hold all of your detailed information making it easy to refer back to your scores and videos so you can understand and see your developmental areas so you can hone in on improving them to better your scores.


3. What if I have a 1 horse membership and want to upgrade to a membership allowing me to track more horses? Please contact or call 1 925 324 5444 and we can set you up for this feature immediately. The old and new membership fees will be prorated appropriately.


4. What tests from what countries are currently available for tracking? All countries using FEI tests worldwide and national tests originating from the USEF  (USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Columbia, Guatemala and Brazil). For questions please contact us. 


5. When will this product be available to track national tests for other countries not listed in Item 4? Every 3-5  months we anticipate adding an additional country. Please stay updated by clicking on our free membership button on the home page or clicking here. 


6. If at some point I no longer want this service do I lose all of my data? No, you may export to .csv file by clicking the button on the bottom of your dashboard or you may put your membership on "hold" allowing you to access all you have input but not allowing you to load anything new.


7. Is there any maximum limits to the number of tests I may enter or videos I upload? No


8. What happens to my annual or monthly membership upon completion of term? It rolls to a monthly membership unless you send a cancelation to before the end of your term.


9. Can I cancel my subscription at any time? Yes, it will prohibit you from ever being billed again and will continue to give you access through the end of your paid term. It will not give you pro rated monies back however.


10. What if I want to put my membership on "Hold" during non competition months? You may do this by contacting This will allow you access to all of your stats on site, recommended tools, documents and past calendar but will not allow you to upload documents, calendar entries or test information until you release the hold on your account. The monthly hold fee is $5.00. Please send an email to to request the hold.


11. Can I opt to have my scores and data uploaded for me? Yes, please opt into our Concierge Service, which is a full service feature where MDS uploads all competition scores on your behalf. Simply take a snapshot of your test sheet, showing all movement scores and send to We will additionally load video and documents should you request it. Just call 1 925 324 5444 to arrange for a pick-up via Fed-Ex. Concierge service is $16.00 per month for the first horse and $12.00 for each horse thereafter. You may stop and start concierge service on a monthly basis if you choose. Please send email to

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